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Today, the dishwasher is considered as a specialized household appliance.  
With 'smart' technologies, today the dishwasher uses the minimum water amount to make a complete wash of 12 or 13 international plates. (1 international plate = 12 utensils).  
For example, with 11 litres of water the ADP series of Whirlpool is able to make a complete wash.   
Some technologies such as the 6th sense of Whirlpool with PowerClean and ICS of De Dietrich, 'observes'  
the grease and foreign objects in the water and regulates the temperature, time and  
the mechanical energy of the device to get the best results with maximum economy  
in energy and water.  
The technology of applying steam during the washing cycle, applies to certain models of Whirlpool with excellent results, especially with difficult stains.


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