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The most reliable and efficient cooking method in ceramic hobs  

The technology applied to the induction hobs makes them:  
-  Safer and more efficient 
-  Accurate temperature adjustments / There is energy saving up to 45% 
-  The hob cools down in 6 minutes (much less than other hobs) so there is less danger of severe burns  

Just ask for a simple demonstration by our staff to observe the above   

Specific manufacturers utilize Smart Technologies such as:  
-  Temperature monitoring of the pan - power cut-off when the temperature is more than 300oC  
-  Timers / detecting liquid overflow from the utensil 
-  Power Track transfers the required power and cooking time to the “new” location wherever the pan is moved.  

The above technologies are applied by De Dietrich & Whirlpool.  
Flexibility to use utensils to any location on the hob and automatic detection  
Continuum and Piano from De Dietrich and FlexiCook from Whirlpool.


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