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This small-sized device has become today, after the main oven, an essential device in the kitchen.  
In Cyprus microwaves are mainly used for heating, defrosting and beverage preparation.   
One of the largest manufacturers, Whirlpool, implements 'smart' technologies like the 6th sense in microwave ovens, giving them the opportunity to cook and even fry with equally good results as an ordinary oven.   
Special attention is needed when placing food in the microwave - it should not be covered with aluminium sheet for two reasons.  
    1.  The metal (aluminium) reflects back microwaves with danger of overheating the magnetron.   
    2.  There is increased risk of creating sparks between the aluminium and the interior walls - danger of destruction of the oven and even starting of a fire.  
We recommend that when you heat or defrost dishes, to cover the plate with paper or with a special membrane suitable for microwave ovens.  
The reason is very simple; you need to insulate the steam generated around the plate to have good results and also not to ruin the inner walls with food spilling out of the plate.   
Do not use the maximum power of the oven in such cases; the results will not be the desired ones. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer accordingly. 


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