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For the selection of the right air conditioner there is a constant formula that calculates the units on the basis of the squares meters of the room. However several other factors are taken into account such as: 
 -  Window size / outside walls / insulation level 
 -  Location of the house (near the sea or mountain) 
 -  Number of people / electrical appliances in the room 

We recommend that you consult one of our experience personnel.  
 Simple but effective actions for saving energy when using air conditioners:   
-  The ideal temperature in winter is between 18o-21oC / in summer 24o-27o
-  Note that when you reduce the internal humidity you feel cooler 
-  Check the temperature of the room after about 30 minutes for any change.  
-  Keep doors and windows of the air conditioning area closed as well as curtains and shutters.  
-  Adjust the flaps of the air conditioner to direct cold air to the ceiling (summer) and warm air to the floor (winter).  
-  Clean filters regularly according with the manufacturer. 


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