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  • With customer service at its core, Scandia is the market leader in the home appliances retail sector.
  • In key locations around Cyprus, our six outlets offer well known brands at competitive prices and a wide range of electrical and electronic products for home use, entertainment, personal care and comfort.  A number of brands and models and the biggest selection of built-in appliances in the market can only be found even exclusively in our stores.
  • Scandia provides high standards of customer service.  Continuous training enables our people to either act as in-store purchase consultants or offer reliable after sales support.  Scandia operates its own after-sales service and spare parts departments with the largest network of skilled installers and technicians island-wide.
  • We keep up to date with market developments and monitor customer satisfaction by regularly conducting surveys.  The whole company, back and front office alike, is fully committed to delivering the promise of an “electrifying relationship” with the customer.
  • Scandia Company Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ermes Department Stores Plc, acknowledged as the biggest retail group in Cyprus.



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